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Role Management

  • With Laraship You can create multiple roles and assign each user one or more of these roles.
  • Super User has access to all modules.
  • to Manage Role  go to User => R0les, as in the screenshot below you can set the following attribute per role


  1. Subscription Requirement: if checked then it will require the user with that role to subscribe to a plan and user will be redirected on the login to the pricing page.
  2. Disable Login: if you are looking to create a user but just for an internal user without giving him the access to log in then you can select this flag.
  3. Redirect After Login: here you can set up a URL where the user will get redirected to on login and registration success.
  4. Dashboard URL: if you want to have a different dashboard for a specific role then all you have to do is specify that URL for example “/business/dashboard” to a business role.
  5. Dashboard Theme: selected admin theme is the default theme for users on login, however, if your theme has a dashboard version then you can select it from the drop-down, Note: this will require role users to log out and log in again to take effect.
  • The menu is not enabled by default for new or modified roles, you need to assign the role to the menu items and their submenus from Menu Management.


  • Each Module has “Admin” Permission so you don’t assign every single permission for an Admin role, These permissions are under Administration >> Admin as in the screenshot below.


  • Default Registration role can set from the Settings, however with Laraship you can create different themes and URLs for registration for each role, so instead of a standard /register URL, it can be /register/business or /register/buyer and the same thing for login. pages, overridden login and registration pages should be located under resources/themes/[active-theme]/login/[role].blade.php and resources/themes/[active-theme]/register/[role].blade.php as in the screenshot below