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Laraship Laravel Marketplace is a Laravel Multi-vendor e-commerce platform, which enables sellers to promote their products under a single hub.

  • With Laraship Laravel Marketplace you can specify your business model of vendor enrollment, either by subscribing to a recurring plan, or even directly with no recurring fees.

During the buyer checkout process,  products at the cart will be grouped on vendor level and an order will be created per store, the payment will go to the site owner, and a commission percentage can be defined and be deducted from that vendor money.

Laraship Laravel Marketplace is your best choice to build a multi-vendor eCommerce with multiple online stores in one place.



Laraship Laravel Marketplace how it works




  • Shipping Rules can be defined on the site level or the vendor can define his rules too, on-site level shipments; the shipping fees will be credited to the site owner, on vendor shipment selection then the Vendor will collect shipment fees.
  • Each vendor can define his coupons which will be applied to products related to him on the checkout process.
  • Shipping rules will be applied at the vendor level.
  • The vendor will have a view to manage his store orders and update order and shipment statuses.
  • in order to the global shop page, each store has his own page where only his products will be listed on that page, in addition, a logo, cover photo, and brief description can be added to personalize his store.
  • buyers can contact the seller using the internal communication messaging module to keep conversations within the platform.
  • The vendor can see his transactions from the transactions screen and request money withdrawal to his billing details, the withdrawal request will be handled manual and externally by admin, and notify the vendor by updating the withdrawal request.
  • The Site admin can add global banners on global pages, also the store vendor can add his own banners to be displayed exclusivity at his store.
  • Referral Programs can be defined by admin and users can redeem their points during the checkout process.

Laraship Laravel Marketplace flow

Laraship Laravel Marketplace Features:

Marketplace management :

  • Product Management: Multi-Vendor e-commerce products where sellers can sell different product types: Simple, Variable, Shippable, External, Downloadable.
  • SKU Management.
  • Reward Points Collection and Redeem with Referral System.
  • Advertisement management: on Admin and Vendor Level to add campaigns and banner.
  • Store Management.
  • Commission configuration: can be adjusted per subscription plan.
  • Subscription Management for vendor subscribing.
  • Transactions Management.
  • Internal communications between different users in the system.
  • Tax Management: Multiple tax classes per product and tax rules Per Country, State, Zip & Priority with compound taxes.
  • Shipping Management: Support both Flat Rating Shipping and Shippo Integration with shipping rules. includes tracking and shipping labels.
  • Search Engine: Powerful shop page with powerful search results using Full-text search indexes.
  • Brand Management.
  • 2 Awesome Themes using Bootstrap 4 ( Marketplace Master & Marketplace Pro themes)
  • Orders & Invoices.
  • Withdrawal Requests from for Vendor available balances.
  • Product Tags & categories.
  • Simple Inventory Management.
  • Variable Attributes, Options & Filters Per Product
  • Coupons & Discounts: with powerful options and customizations.
  • Ajax Cart & Checkout Wizard
  • Paypal & Credit Card  Payments powered by Stripe.
  • Ratings & Reviews.
  • Wishlist Management.
  • Social Sharing.


Content Management :

  • Page Management.
  • Blog with Posts, Categories, Tags, FAQs, News.
  • Blocks & Widgets.
  • SEO friendly:  titles and meta tags and meta for twitter and open graph.
  • Page Builder: edit your pages on the fly.
  • Slider Manager: includes video / image and HTML types.
  • Google Analytics Integration: visitor analytics on your dashboard.

User Management :

  • User Management.
  • Notification Management.
  • Two Factor Authentication using Authy.
  • Profile Management: with Profile image cropper.
  • Multiple Profile Addresses: shipping, billing…
  • Access Control: including Roles and Permissions
  • Authentication Management : Login / Register / Forgot Password.


Website Manager :

  • Menu Builder: Manage dashboard and website menus
  • Setting Management: handle different settings like single value, array, files, numeric…
  • Activity log: monitors user activities and handle exceptions.
  • File Manager: manage your files and embed them easily to HTML editors.
  • Awesome Dashboard: with System overview analytics.
  • Widgets: snippets to be included easily.
  • Communication Manager: Manage Email Templates.
  • Cache Manager  Boost Performance.


Features :

  • Latest Version of Laravel with Laravel 8  & Bootstrap 4
  • Automatic Remote updates for Modules (Extended License).
  • Theme Management.
  • Custom Fields: Add Additional Fields to Models using Custom Fields Manager
  • Actions and Filters Hooks for ease of customization
  • Encrypted URLs, SSL tested to ensure security
  • Responsive and tested on all modern browsers.
  • Modular structure for scalability and maintainability.
  • Periodic updates and additional features.
  • Incredible support team.
  • Available for Freelance and customizations.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Widgets & Shortcodes for easy embedding.
  • Multiple Currencies.



Laraship Laravel Marketplace frontend theme

Additional information

Additional information

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Extended, MultiTenant, Standard

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5 reviews for Laraship Marketplace

  1. laraship

    Laraship Marketplace has saved me more than 90% of my project cost and time, really happy with the platform and was able to start my markeyplace in a week 🙂

  2. dakshhmehta

    I have purchased this script to save hundreds of hours of development in team and complete the project within deadline. And I am very much happy that me and my team was up and running in few hours.

    However, there were few issue in the script and I immdiately reached to the author, who responded always in 30-60 minutes. Not only that, He joined me on my computer to resolve the specific issue.

    Never saw such support in my past 6 years of experience on any Envato site that I am using.

    If your client want the eCommerce custom solution on Laravel, go for this script. Script + Support = Best.

    If 100% doubt that you get disappointed buying this.

  3. callelance

    One of the best platform scripts on the internet. Corals-io has done it, the best eCommerce platform ready to go! This is what i have been looking for my project. Seller is very responsive with all my questions and helped us installed on our server.

    Great Design.
    Well structured coding.
    Great customer support.

  4. Kur Jay

    The system is work and very recommended the support is nice and fast.

    Comments and email replies are very much appreciated from the author/developer. Keep it up!

  5. mattltm

    An excellent package with great support. Clean code, great features and easy enough to understand and build a custom application around.

    Regular updates are great and the author even helped sort out a few issues I had by remote access.

    Very happy.

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