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Plans Management

After defining Features, plan definition is next, which basically the time to define what packages you have, and what is the difference between each package, whether the quantity or extra features that don’t exist on another package.

in addition to that, Plans need to be synced with online payments as the data will be used by payment providers like Stripe, so once you define your plan you will have an option to sync with your payment gateway to be defined here.

Below is the Plan creation Form which Basically defines the following attributes:

  • Plan Name.
  • Plan Code: it’s a unique Key for Plan Identifciation
  • Plan a Recurring Amount.
  • Plan Charge Frequency: Every week, month, or year.
  • Plan frequency amount: for example every 2 weeks, 3 months. 4 years.
  • Does that plan has a trial and Trial period.
  • is this Plan features or recommended plan, this will make the plan to show as dominant in the pricing table.
  • Visible: you can define plans used for internal use without showing it in the pricing table.
  • Free Plan: this plan does not require Payment synchronization and it will be entirely managed at Laraship and payment won’t be requested.