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Amazon Aurora Multi Master is now Available

  The long-awaited feature from Amazon Web Services, Amazon Aurora Multi-Master is now generally available (GA).  What is Amazon Aurora? Amazon Aurora is a MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the cloud, that combines...

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Checkout our recent updates

 We're pleased to announce a new version of Laraship release, as always promised, our goal to provide a flexible growing platform to fit market needs.Here are some of the Laraship...

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SMS Notifications are now supported!

 Laraship has a very powerful Notification template engine, through which you have a centralized place to manage notifications triggered by events, some of these features are : Support Emails, Dashboard,...

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Laraship API Released!

Laraship Team is excited to announce the release of Laraship API, tremendous efforts have been spent to make sure code is optimized and utilized for both web and API.In addition...

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