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How to setup Laravel Using Docker

Introduction:   Containers are a very popular method these days for deployment since you don't really need to be aware of the underlying structure, Docker is the most popular way to containerize...

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Free Website Monitoring with Scopify is a website monitoring platform that offers free website and web application monitoring. it helps you detecting any downtime or outages on your application, also receives SMS, email, and...

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Here is What’s new with Laraship

Laraship new release is not just related to Laravel 7 upgrade, but also included a lot of features and enhancements, this blog article lists some of these features: 2- Hot...

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Laraship Now at Laravel 7

Laraship team is excited about the announcement of the new Laraship update to support Laravel 7. To update your copy please follow the link below to update :   Note: since there are some...

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How to Create Laravel HIPAA Infrastructure on AWS

Introduction: When architecting healthcare mobile apps and software systems it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of HIPAA compliance, and the necessary safeguards and implementations that software systems must provide...

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Laraship is Partnering with AwsBee

Laraship, the leading Laravel platforms provider, is now partnering with, A Managed AWS hosting services provider. AwsBee is a certified AWS Managed hosting professional services, with solid experience in...

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Laraship Full Page Caching

Introduction When Serving static URL in Laraship, like Pages, Blogs,.. and even some routes that are user-independent, it's possible to implement full page caching where the rendered page is stored in...

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