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Payout Configuration

Within Laraship Marketplace, payouts can be transferred from platform owners using 3 methods


  1. Manual Withdrawl Requests:

Vendors can see their Transactions and available balances under store transaction, they can request a withdrawal by filling the form with details and payment details, the admin will receive the request, do the transfer manually, and then mark the transactions as pending




2. Immediate Transfer on Order Payment: This will require Stripe connect account associated with vendors, once payment is made to the order, the order amount minus the commission of the store will be deducted and transferred to the vendor.

3. Periodic Transfer: in this case you attach a scheduled job to send the transfers, it will pick the last execution date and find all order that has been with transaction date old than the minimum age configured on the payout setting settings. also, you need to add the following cron job

0 0 * * * PHP path/to/your/installation/artisan marketplace:transfer-payout


This will check orders every day. you can configure it weekly, monthly, .. according to your preference