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Update Laraship

  • It’s highly recommended that you backup your application before performing the update process, mainly Corals Folder and Database.
  • The Laraship team always test the updates under different environments however that cannot prevent any issue during the update process.


  • Modules can be updated from Module Manager under Administration => Modules an update option will be available beside each plugin has updates available, to make sure you receive updates please make sure you have your extended license code to be added to the .env file.


  • Its always recommended updating core plugins before module or payment plugins.
  • for Standard licenses, the latest version of plugins and themes should be downloaded from the Download zone under the user account in Laraship website.
  • First, you need to click the download plugin. after downloading, don’t click install until you complete the next step.
  • run the following command under ssh :
    composer update
  • then go to the modules manager again and click update to update plugins
  • Theme Update process is the same

Updating Laraship for Standard License package:

  • Make sure you have a backup of your Laraship app including files and DB.
  • download and extract the Package into your web root directory.
  • Run Composer Update
  • Go to Modules -> Cache Management and Clear Cache.
  • then go to the modules manager again and click update to update plugins.