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Advertisement Module

Laraship Advertisement management module is a comprehensive Laravel Ad Manager plugin on Laraship platform and external websites by having a centralized to one location to manage data and view analytics.

Module installation procedure is similar to other modules, you can find other installation instructions here

Advertisement Module Elements :

  1. Advertises:

Advertisers are simply the companies or individuals who are looking to display their ads on your site, this is the point where you should start on when start configuration your ad module, the advertiser can have multiple campaigns. by deactivating the advertiser you can deactivate all ads that are related to a campaign belongs to this advertiser.

2. Campaigns:

Campaigns belong to an advertiser, the goal of campaign is categorizing your ads based on a specific start date and end date, for example, if your advertiser has a special event and he wants to display specific ads only during the period of this event , or for example for x days before event starting, then the best way to manage is by setting up a specific campaign for these set of banners.


After setting advertisers and campaigns, you wanna attach banners to these campaigns, which are basically the viewable content on your website.banners have different types.

4. Zones:

with the zone, you can define the physical locations where your banners are going to be displayed, zones can be within your website or on an external site, you need to specify the dimensions of your zone, we have added the standard dimensions with more than 99% of the advertisers are using it.


Impressions are a measurement to show the performance of your banners and a statistics. to give both advertisers and site owners the reporting what has been displayed on what zone, and if the view has ended on a click or not. also, it will give you more details about visitor information so that you can aggregate your data.

we will explore Advertisement management elements in details.

Advertisement Management Demo:

You can view Laravel Ad Manager module capabilities under Laraship e-commerce here

Banner Laravel Advertisement Management module for Laraship Zones Laravel Advertisement Management module for Laraship

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