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The Service Object describes the product you offer for booking and it’s the starting point of creating your reservable product.

Services come with a lot of options to match your business your requirement, which are the following:



1- Time Slot: when enabling this feature you indicate that this service can be booked for a specific period within the day, for example when visiting a doctor, you reserve a specific time for 30 or 60 mins for example. if this option is disabled then the service is booked on daily basis.

2- The Reservation Owner: by default, a user registered to the system can reserve a specific service, but what if you want to assign the reservation to another object, for example, a specific clinic, in case the doctor can have multiple clinics on the system.

3- Use Entities: This is a very powerful feature where you can create your reservable objects, for example, if you have vehicles, properties, then you can create that entity in the entity module and assign the reservation to one of the entity objects