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Theme Installation

There are two methods for installing Laraship themes :

  • Using Theme Manager:

An easy way is to install the theme package is using Theme Manager upload functionality, all you have to do is :

  1. Go to Administration => Themes
  2. Click on Add New theme
  3. select your theme package from your local drive and then upload Theme.
  4. If your theme is already installed and you want to update it, just check the option “Update theme if exist”

  • Using  FTP or File Manager:

each theme package includes 2 folders one called “resources” which holds the templates and views and the other is assets which holds static files like js, css, img ,..

  1. copy the assets folder under public\assets\themes\
  2. copy the views folder under resources\themes

a quick check method is comparing folder structure with current exiting themes inside both folders.