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Linking with existing Models

Tickets can be associated with models within Laraship, for example, a user wants to raise a support ticket about a specific subscription, or he has an issue with a specific order, in this case, you can have a dropdown on ticket creation to select the order or the subscription he is referring to

Models are hooked up with the trouble ticket using the config inside the Model, for example, if you check the Subscription module:

under Corals/modules/TroubleTicket/config/trouble_ticket.php config file, you can find the available models

                    'path' => 'subscriptions.models.subscription',
                    'public' => false,
                    'scopes' => [


you can see the model related, is it enabled on public, and if there are any scopes, for example showing only my subscriptions…

and under the order config you

            'ajaxSelectOptions' => [
                'label' => 'Subscription',
                'model_class' => \Corals\Modules\Subscriptions\Models\Subscription::class,
                'columns' => ['subscription_reference'],


which defined which data to be shown inside the dropdown.

trouble_ticket.php can be overridden by copying it under config folder.