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Referral Module

With the Referral module, you can encourage your end-users or customers to invite other people to Register, Subscription to Plan, or purchase products. and they will get points in return.

How does it work?

  1. Laraship admin will create a referral program to define the target of the referral (Registration, Subscription. Sale). and will have the availability to define amount points per different plans, a percentage per single order, or cart amount, or a flat amount per registration.
  2.  Also, an admin will need to specify the landing pages URL where people will be redirected to once they click on the referral link. in addition to the message that describes the referral program for the referral users.


3. Once Admin publishes the referral Program the end-user will be able to see the referral program details on his dashboard, he can generate his unique link and share it externally, he can also see his points and people who used his referral link too.



Note. Redeem Points is out of the scope with this module as its really different from one business to another, its currently available on Marketplace only where users can redeem their points on Checkout process