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Cache Clear

Laraship is utilizing cache to ensure optimum performance, there are multiple cache sections inside Laraship so you don’t have to clear all caches every time, only ones that got affected, however, however, if you were not sure which section to clean then use the Flush the application cache. option as it cleans most of the object caches.

Cache Management can be found under Settings => Cache Management, you will see the following options


  1. Create a route cache file for faster route registration.
  2. Create a cache file for faster configuration loading.
  3. Rebuilds the cache of “theme.json” files for each theme.
  4. Flush model caching, includes menus, settings and custom fields
  5. Flush the application cache.
  6. Remove the configuration cache file.
  7. Flush expired password resets tokens.
  8. Clean up old records from the activity log.
  9. Clear all compiled view files.
  10. Remove the route cache file.
  11. Clean deprecated conversions and files without the related model.
  12. Remove the compiled class file.