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License Manager Module

Are you selling a product that requires licenses, or your selling serial numbers or keys for an online game, gift card codes …

Laraship License Manager is a plugin for the e-commerce platform to give the admin the ability to provide end users with serial key, once you mark your product as Licensable, you can then attach bulk of serial numbers and specify the validity of these keys, and on order generation the user will be assigned a serial key from the free pool and it will be reserved, if you ran out of free serials, then the product will turn out to out of stock automatically.

here is the instruction on how to use license manager:

  1. Once the module installed and activated, a new checkbox will show at product add / edit screen Has License” to indicate if the product has licenses or not.




2) once set to be licensable, go to the menu item: License Manager -> Licenses



3) Select the Product and add licenses one per line:


4) when someone creates an order for this licensable product it will be shown on his order :
5) the license status will become reserved.