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One Command Installer

With Laraship One Command installer, you will have a wizard that runs you through the installation process, this includes:

  1. Database Connection Setup
  2. Requirement Checker.
  3. Modules Installation
  4. License Activation
  5. Theme Activation and demo Data Import.
  • the commands below need to be executed using the terminal by either opening a command prompt window / Powershell or by using the putty tool and SSH to your hosting


  • Extract the zip package at the public_html folder, you should see list of folders and files as in the screenshot, and then navigate to this  public_html folder
cd public_html


  • First, you need to install dependencies, Laravel dependencies are managed by composer,  make sure you’re environment has composer installed, for more details check the link, make sure you’re at the www folder where composer.json file exists when you run the composer command below.
composer install
  • run corals installer command
php artisan corals:install

The wizard will work you through the installation process, for more details, you can check the youtube video below