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Debugging Laraship Issues

If you run into an issue with Laraship either during setup, configuration or development. Laraship has a Logging system where errors can be found under storage/logs/laravel.log.

  • Also if you’re at the development stage, it’s recommended to turn “APP_DEBUG” flag at .env file to view error on the screen instead of generic error codes like “Error 500”  by changing the value from false to true.


  • Most common issues happen during the installation are the result of :
  1. missing PHP module
  2. the mismatch between your local PHP and server PHP versions, which causes the composer to load incompatible dependencies. to check PHP command-line version please run the command :
php --version

to check website PHP version at the website, just put this single line of PHP code in a blank text file, for example, test.php, place it under public folder  open it on the server:

<?php phpinfo() ?>


  1. DB connection error “Yo need to check database connection under.env”
  2. Application key not generated: you need to run the command:
php artisan key:generate
  1. Passport Keys are not generated: you need to run the command:
php artisan passport:install


Also during development, we always recommend taking a backup of your Laraship DB so you can restore in case you were not able to figure out the reason of the issue and use GIT to track file changes

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