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Stripe Setup

  • Stripe has two environments Sandbox and Live, make sure to use sandbox for testing before going live
  • Under Subscription -> Payment Settings you need to add your stripe account keys which can be grabbed from your stripe account :




  • Webhooks Subscription Events:
'invoice.created' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\Stripe\Job\HandleInvoiceCreated::class,
'invoice.payment_succeeded' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\Stripe\Job\HandleInvoicePaymentSucceeded::class,
'invoice.payment_failed' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\Stripe\Job\HandleInvoicePaymentFailed::class,
'customer.subscription.deleted' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\Stripe\Job\HandleCustomerSubscriptionDeleted::class,
'customer.subscription.trial_will_end' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\Stripe\Job\HandleCustomerTrialWillEnd::class,

Enable Stripe Connect:

The stripe connect can be used to enable auto payout for vendors under Laraship Marketplace, this works by having vendors connecting their stripe to Laraship platform’s main Stripe account, and their payments will be transferred upon purchases, so no manual withdrawals needed. also once order cancelled the transfer will be reversed from the vendor account automatically.


  • To Enable Stripe Connect, go to Payments – Payment Settings – Stripe
  • Activate Stripe Connect and insert Client ID as shown below




The client ID can be obtained from

  • Add Redirect URL to connect settings under Stripe, it should be {{doamin}}/stripe/authorize-connect


  • The vendor Should see a new tab under Store Settings, which will list the Stripe Connect link to connect to, click on “Connect with Stripe”, this will go through Stripe linking process


  • once you complete the Stripe connect process you will be redirected to Laraship Platform and Stripe connect status will be turned to Connected



  • After that, Any order amount made for this vendor from orders will be transferred automatically to the Vendor stripe account after deducting the fees.