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Application Structure

Laraship is built on the latest Laravel version 8 and MySQL Database. the “Coral” folders hold Laraship core and modules, developers can add extra modules and include them easily inside the plugins module which will talk about it later.



The image above shows the modules the Laraship consists of :

Core Modules:

  1. Activity: this module is used for logging user activity based on preset configuration.
  2. Elfinder: file manager based on jQuery Elfider plugin
  3. Foundation: Core helpers and functions that are considered to be Laraship Engine
  4. Media: Handles Media Uploads such as images and profile pictures.
  5. Menu: Menu Manager for Dashboard and Frontend with Roles Restriction.
  6. Settings Manager: Centralized settings with different storage types including text. number, array, files …
  7. Shortcodes: an easy way to embed widgets and HTML blocks using a simple piece of a shortcode.
  8. User Management: included Users, Roles, Permissions (ACL) Setup.
  9. View: extending Illuminate View for supporting shortcodes and grids


  1. CMS: Content Management System to manage posts / pages / categories / news / tags …
  2. Payment: Dynamic Payment module that supports multiple gateways
  3. Subscription: manage products / plans / features / subscriptions / invoices and webhooks
  4. Slider: slider management with jQuery Responsive Carousel
  5. FooBar: are you looking to build your own plugin, FooBar package can be used to demonstrate plugin structure.