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Shipping Management

Shipping is a very tricky piece when dealing with Marketplace, users usually bounce on the shipping calculation step, due to high shipping costs caused of dealing with multiple vendors, Laraship worked hard to come up with the best and acceptable shipping costs by applying the following:


  1. Advanced Flat Rate Setup: shipping flat rates prices are not just based on one vendor, but also based what other items added from other vendors, to get more details on how flat rate shipping works check the Flate Rate Shipping
  2. Global and Vendor Shippo Accounts: You can configure your store to have one Shippo account across all vendors or allowing vendors to config their Shippo Accounts.
  3. Shipping Rate Calculation Display: at the checkout shipping steps, shipping rates can be aggregated to show one rate for each vendor, or a drill-down for each product price under the same vendor.
  4. Shipping Packages: if you have predefined shipping packages, you can re-use these packages on different products.
  5. Shipping Rules on a Product level: shipping rates can be added under the product setup, you can have specific rates on the country level.


Importing Shipping Rules

You can import shipping rules using a predefined excel template to the system. this will delete exiting rules and replace them with the rules in the file.