Woocommerce to Laraship Migration

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Looking to import your Woocommerce website into the Laravel platform. Woocommerce Laravel Laraship Importer is the easiest way to start your migration process.

  • with Woocommerce Importer plugin, helps you import different objects from Woocommerce. no need to spend hundreds of hours on data migration scripts.
  • Woocommerce to Laravel Importer uses Woocommerce API to migrate different types of products including:
  1. Products: including Simple and Variable products with categories and tags, in addition to Media.
  2. Attributes:
  3. Categories: including parent & child categories with hierarchy
  4. Customers: including Guest and User Creations
  5. Orders: including Line items like products, discounts, shipping, taxes.
  • You can run the importer multiple times, it will update existing data and add new data.
  • Compatible with Laraship Marketplace and Laraship eCommerce.


  • Setup and Configuration is very easy, all you need to do is create API credentials inside Woocommerce and add the details to your Laraship Application, to create API keys you can follow this link




If you want to see debugging details you can set WOOCOMMERCE_PROCESS_LOG_ENABLED to true, however, if the migration process is smooth or you want to increase the migration speed you can turn off debugging


Why Migrating Woocommerce to Laravel?

  • In Laraship, the code is well organized. When the code grows, laravel takes care of reusing the code and solves the problem automatically to a greater extent. In Woocommerce, all the content needs to be maintained by the developer and in the way, it has been written it would be in that way.
  • In Laraship, there are a lot of features like authentication, authorization, inversion of control etc. It is getting better and better with its latest releases. In Woocommerce, authentication has been taken care of with the help of using well-established plugins.
  • In Laraship, everything can be customized and it can be controlled how things are working. In WP, the content can be customized with themes and premium or free plugins available for Woocommerce.
  • In Laraship, the database can be used or designed in your own way. In WP, a database is not required mainly as it remains the static data mostly.
  • Laraship is referred mainly as a framework and Woocommerce is referred to as a content management system.




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