Trouble Ticket / Support Module

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With Laraship Trouble Ticket manager, you don’t need to integrate your system or Laraship website with external support tools, this will save you the recurring cost and will make the integration smoother and easier.


Laraship Laravel Support System can be integrated with different Laraship modules, it supports both users with accounts and public visitors as well.

and it’s integrated with all Laraship Themes.


Here are the main features of  Laraship Laravel Trouble Tickets Manager:


  1. Trouble Tickets Management: including various options and the ability to add custom fields.
  2. Multiple Attachments with configurable file types.
  3. Team Management: This allows automatic assignments based on ticket type and the load for team members. also the option to define team email and slack channel for broad case notifications.
  4. The ability to connect Trouble ticket to other models in the system like My Orders, My Subscriptions,…
  5. Issue Types Management: define the categories for the tickets with the option to include a knowledge base solutions to help agents to solve issues quicker.
  6. Email / Slack / SMS and Web notifications for ticket events like status change, adding comments, uploading files…
  7. Ability to create tickets for both logged in user and public customer, logged in users can see their ticket history.
  8. comments and threads to the ticket with options for agents to add private comments that won’t show to end-user.
  9. ability to reassign the ticket to other team members
  10. Very Quick and Easy installation.
  11. Activity history screen to display the events on the ticket, including new comments, assignee change, changes to trouble ticket details, attachments.

You can see a demo of Support Module installed under the Laraship Elite Platform, with both public and admin sides.


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