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Is Laraship using Laravel Cashier ?

Laravel Subscriptions

Some developers and clients are referring to Laravel Cashier, and wondering If we consider as Laravel cashier alternative? or it’s built using Laraship Cashier?

The Answer is: Laraship has its own revolutionary Payment; engine to handle recurring and single payment services. and we consider it to be the best alternative to Laravel Cashier 

In this article, we will discuss Subscription and payment management on Laraship, and compare it with Laravel Cachier, and the reason for that.

laraship laravel cashier alternative


What is Laravel Cashier?

Laravel Cashier is a module to handle stripe’s and Braintree’s subscription billing services. It handles basic subscription billing code you are dreading writing. In addition to basic subscription management like swapping subscription, cancellation grace periods, and even generate invoice PDFs.


Weakness points of  Laravel Cashier?

  • Its very basic, you still have to build the UI and Controller layers to handle subscription cycles.
  • Its supports only Braintree and Stripe.
  • It does not standardize Subscription interface to be used for other payment gateways.
  • It does not support One-time payment transactions.
  • It does not support events on subscription events.
  • it does not support offline subscription management or manual invoices.
  • It does not support multiple subscription products with different plans and features.
  • No Referral or Affiliate features.
  • It does not support more than one payment gateway at the same time.



The Rise of Laraship Subscriptions.

laraship laravel cashier alternative

We believe that any subscription package should handle the live complexities in the real life because the subscription models widely vary between payment.

gateway to another, also from business model to another.

for example, some clients ask to manage multiple subscription products and categorize them, some require to have an interface to manage plans and features, some client asks to track the usage of plans features i.e SMS messages consumed, emails sent, points used.

In many cases, you may need to add a subscription for users manually because they don’t have online payment in their country, or extend their subscription period as a gift.

Many many clients requested the referral management to encourage their end users in participating in building their network and spread the news.

Also, Braintree and Stripe are supported in 20% of the countries in the world, and there is a lot of payment gateways are starting to get integrated with their subscription model, even Laravel Cashier does not support Paypal.

So, You may need in many times in charging user one-time payment on subscription initialization like shipping fees, installation setup which requires one-time payment integration.


Laraship Payment Engine.

Laraship is the only self-hosted  platform that succeeded in standardizing and unifying subscription cycles among more than 10 payment gateways, not only that; its one of a kind that enables merchants to support multiple payment gateways in parallel, not only this, it covers offline payments, manual invoices, event triggers on subscription lifecycle, supports PayPal, Referral manager support, manage features per plan.


Through our team’s extensive experience in building subscriptions apps, we put thousands of hours of our experience in one single modular package, with remote updates to keep you up to date with latest updates at one package.


Laraship payment engine os one of a kind; that provides single and recurring payments under one platform, no integration needed, no hassle on setup and configuration. supporting PayPal, 2Checkout, AuthorizeNet, Omise, Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Stripe and Braintree, and many more.



Laravel cashier alternative:

so if you are getting disappointed with Laravel cashier, because we already know that it lacks to very major components to build a successful subscription platform, then you can check Our Demo and see how amazing is Laraship Subscriptions.




So if you are looking to Laravel Cashier alternative, with maybe 10 times the features, then all you have to do is to checkout Laraship Subscriptions.

All you have to do with Laraship is select your preference of payment gateways under one package.