Omise Payments

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Laravel Omise Payments Plugin for Laraship Platform is a one of a kind plugin that gives you the ability to allow the end user to do payments using an Omise payment gateway.

The complete set of powerful payment features that enable fast, flexible, and seamless payment experiences is already built-in — helping you maximize business opportunities and accelerate growth.

  • Easy end-to-end integration
  • Secure by default
  • Highly scalable infrastructure

Omise is an online payment gateway offering a wide range of processing solutions for any business need.

Features :

  1. secure integration by using card token instead of sending card info.
  2. Use along with other payment gateways like Stripe , PayPalSecurionPay, 2checkout, and gives end users the option to select their preferred gateway.
  3. Simple Installation and well-documented instructions.


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