Cash on Delivery (COD)

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Laravel Offline Cash subscriptions and e-commerce payments Plugin for Laraship Platform is a one of a kind plugin that gives you the ability to allow the end user to subscribe to laraship plans or buy e-commerce products when no online payment available.

Many clients are having issues get verified by payment gateway that supports subscription or online payments, or they are located in a country and none of the recurring payments is supported there, so, the only way they have is to collect payments through offline media; like bank transfers, cheques,  western union or any other payment transfer methods.

with cash offline payments, the user will be able to pay his order or subscription when he receives his product or shipment.

The subscription or order will be created with pending status, and the user will be alerted that subscription will be activated when payment received, and the user can cancel his pending subscription, but not upgrade during pending period.

Once payment transfer is received by admin, Admin will log in to the subscriptions or order management and query subscriptions or order by payment reference filed on the transfer, he should be able to change the subscription to active status.

the end user will receive an email and web notification indicates that his subscription has been approved and he can start using the subscription service, approval email can be managed easily from the notification templates screen.

Admin should also provide next billing period on subscription activation, which will track the next payment transfer for that subscription.

to track earnings inside Laraship, the admin will be prompted to create an offline invoice for that subscription easily, and this will make sure that the revenue amount inside laraship is up to date.

Here’s how to view your preapproved payment information:

Features :

  1. Create, Update, and  Cancel Subscriptions.
  2. Pay e-commerce orders on shipment delivery.
  3. offline payment capability
  4. Use along with other payment gateways like Stripe , PayPalSecurionPay, 2checkout, and gives end users the option to select their preferred gateway.
  5. Simple Installation and well-documented instructions.

Demo :


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