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C├ęcile Leong asked 4 years ago
Have not found solution from questions & answers https://www.laraship.com/question/view-templates-shop-not-found/ I encouter the same issue with templates-products-not-found. Corals-ecommerce_basic is used as front-end theme and user having roles vendor is loging. please assist on this issue
3 Answers
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, You need to check the configuration changes you made, I'm sure you have been running the platform for a long time because you have added other questions earlier and the installation was working fine.   Please check the roles in your admin panel and make sure that role has a valid theme attached to it
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, We have reviewed your installation and found you have installed all modules included directory, classified, eCommerce under one installation. This, of course, will cause conflict issues. please use our one command installer which is used to select which platform to be installed   https://www.laraship.com/docs/laraship/installation-instructions/one-command-installer/  
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Laraship Elite has all packages, and you can download them from one place We never said you can have all of the themes installed at once, and even our demo shows the e-commerce functionality only installed.   This question is closed because it's invalid