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adm asked 5 years ago
Hi, If any user clicks add to wishlist icon randomly(Double or triple Click) it shows Whoops, looks like something went wrong to user(An user mustn't see this error), same is for add to cart. After enable debug its showing MethodNotAllowedHttpException. These situation occuring only in request passed through anchor tag, Where these script uses form there it doesn't display error and works. Can u please suggest a solution for handling this? Same result is on laraship Marketplace demo, screenshot attached. Something needed to change in these hashed_id) }}" data-action="post" data-page_action="toggleWishListProduct" data-wishlist_product_hashed_id="{{$product->hashed_id}}">
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello, Our Development team is looking into it and will keep you updated