Laraship License Types

Laraship offers 3 license types, Standard, Extended, and Multitenant.

  • Standard License is valid for 6 months, both Extended and Multitenant Licenses are shipped with one-year validity.
  • with the Extended & Multitenant licenses, Laraship support will reply within 2 hours during business hours, it can take up 72 hours for the Standard license.
  • both standard and extended are valid for one domain only, subdomains will require additional domains, multitenant can be installed on multiple domains and subdomains.
  • After license expiry you still be able to use the platform,We highly recommend though renewal of license to stay updated with latest releases, updates, and support from our team!.
  • for Multi Tenant License, Please read carefully the License agreement here

License Types Comparison

FeatureStandard LicenseExtended LicenseMultitenant
Source Code
Manual Updates
Free Installation
Premium Support
Remote Updates
Customization Consultation
Multi Site

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