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Get rid of all manual efforts of adding Amazon affiliate products by using Laraship Amazon Affiliates Plugin.

Using Amazon Product Advertising API. Laraship powers your store by importing products automatically to your store in less than 10 minutes!

Simply install the Amazon affiliates plugin to your Laraship e-commerce, go to  Amazon management screen, create import record to select keywords and categories selection, and you Plugin will start importing products in the background.

Amazon Affiliates Plugin Features :

  1. Configure your keywords with categories to assure the best combination of imported products.
  2. an extended configuration like setting max results to import, images to import.
  3.  Auto Import Brands, Categories, and Tags.
  4. Status logger to show you the number of products upload and import errors if found
  5. Two Awesome Themes including color variations.
  6. the option to add other product types to your store and create a hybrid e-commerce shop.


Laraship Amazon Affiliates store is available at


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