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Here is What’s new with Laraship

Laraship new release is not just related to Laravel 7 upgrade, but also included a lot of features and enhancements, this blog article lists some of these features:

2- Hot… Subscription Usage tracking features associations with models and more…

1- Introducing HTTP logger for monitoring requests and debugging issues.

2- Custom Fields new architecture, we have refactored the custom fields configuration and storage to boost performance, now custom fields can be also added from the module config file and from custom fields setup page under, also you can add multiple fields now from the same screen which will make the setup a lot easier and simpler.

3- Webhooks General Structure: easily accept webhooks in a professional way from external parties.

4. User Impersonation (Login As ) 

5. Cross-Device Carts and Abandoned Cart notifications for Marketplace.

6. XSS security improvements to themes and dashboards.

7. Export and Email me, this is a nice feature when exporting large data sets.

8. Improvements to Bulk Actions

9. Improvements to DataTables Filters

10. Starter Impelemtnation to Echo Server.


This is not the entire list, but more to be discussed and documented 🙂







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