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10 Ways to communicate with Laraship Users


Building a Laravel communication platform is not easy and require a lot of efforts, in the same time in most cases you don’t have the time to build such tools because of lack of time, resources, and budget.

Communication channels are important in any web application, especially for transactional web applications where users need to be updated with all aspects related to their accounts and items, like orders, products,

A lot of researches are made to improve user retention and so many approaches have been introduced like A/B testing, tracking codes, screenshot tracking to analyze user behavior in the system, which indicates how important not only to bring traffic to your site but also how to decrease bounce rate and increase return visits.

Laraship is the only Laravel platform that has implemented a complete set of communication tools, modular and integrated.


Laraship Laravel Communication Channels:

Laraship is fully aware of how important is communication between different user roles in the system, even between the site owner and public visitors, whether its a marketing, advertisement, commercial transactions, or even any info about the site like maintenance schedules, new releases and so on.

Hence Laraship has implemented many dynamic communication engines like Laraship Laravel Messaging, Laraship Laravel NotificationsLaraship Laravel Auto RespondersLaraship Laravel Referral ManagementLaraship Laravel Newsletter, and Laraship Laravel Collaboration tools.


Laraship Laravel announcement and popup builder Plugin

Announcement module:

With announcement modules notifications will appear as popups on a specific URL or on the complete site too, you can even reach the guest user, usually, this communication method is considered the initial and first phase on opening communication channels with users since you can target user who you zero detail about.




Laraship Laravel communication like advertisement management

Advertisement Module: 

whether it’s a commercial ad or an important ad you’d like to keep it visible on all pages, advertisement module is a powerful engine to define different zones and banners and modify the content directly from the admin without the need to edit the templates files directly.




Laraship comes with Referral management to increase profit

Referral Module:

encourage your user to promote your website by getting rewarded when they invite their friends to register, subscribe to your products, or even when the purchase an order from your e-commerce.





Laraship Notification management customization Web / Email / SMS : notifications:

these notifications are heavily used in transactional websites, such as e-commerce, subscription management, a with a complete interface for admin to edit these notifications and user preference tab to give the end user the option to customize the channel he is interested in receive notifications through, with this tremendous amount of customization and features, makes Laraship the most flexible and customizable Laravel communication engine platform.


Laraship Laravel messaging module for internal messaging

Messaging Module:

in your business, you may give different users to communicate with each other directly without your interaction like sellers and buyers, teachers and students, in the same time communication needs to stay inside the platform and be used as the reference in case needed.

for more details about  messaging modules click here



Laraship Auto responder like mailchimp, aweber

Autoresponder Integrations:

by using form builder or by using newsletter subscription feature at utility module, you can collect emails and either add them to our newsletter module or a 3rd party autoresponder like MailChimp for email communications.






Laraship newsletter to manage and communicate through bulk emails


Newsletter Module:

keep all your data in one place, manage your newsletter subscribers, assign them to specific lists and send mass emails.




Laraship laravel friend invitation moduleInvite Friends feature:

in our latest release, we added User Invitation, you can specify a predefined template message and end users can override and select an unlimited number of emails and name to invite.

an example can be seen at




Laraship Laravel Rating, Reviews, CommentsRatings & Comments:

A collaborative discussion about specific products and listing with moderation feature to prevent any abuse. that gives your products more trusted channel for users to make sure they are not the first buyers, others have already tried it and here is their experience.







Laraship Laravel social sharingSocial Sharing:

In Laraship Settings, you can define your social pages URLs and they will be reflected immediately on the template, also social sharing in implemented on products and listing to spread the knowledge about your store and products.







As we noticed above Laraship comes with a complete set of Laravel communication tool, so consider having a complete set in your Laravel application in 5 mins instead of spending months to get it built.

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