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Introduce Invoicing Feature for Laraship eCommerce

Laraship Team has released a new version of Laraship Laravel platform, which includes new features, compatibility fixes for PHP 7.2, in addition to bug fixes.

However the most attractive feature released is the eCommerce Laravel Laravel invoicing, where admin now can create manual order with the invoice, for a specific user and send it to him to pay,


laraship laravel laravel invoicng



Here are some details on the invoice feature:

  1. Attach as many products as required,  tax and quantity selection
  2. Add Virtual services (Non-product items) like installation fees or maintenance support.
  3.  Add Shipping Items based on the predefined list.
  4. Specify Tax classes per each item.
  5. Apply fixed or percentage discounts on all shopping cart items
  6. save the order as a draft or create it and notify the client.
  7. the client will log in and go through the checkout process eCommerce has.

laravel invoicng builder


  • One more nice thing about the Invoicing feature is its highly customizable where you can define products prices, shipping prices custom discounts with no coupons,



You can view Laraship invoicing tools under any of eCommerce demos, go to eCommerce => Orders and then create Order.