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New Laraship versions has been released, Here is what’s new!

Corals Team has announced the release of a new Laraship version, this version holds a lot of features and changes in addition to fixes and issues raised by our clients:



  • Internal Messaging Module has been Added to Elite, Directory, and Classified platforms for internal messaging and communication.


  • FormBuilder Plugin now supports multistep wizard and Submission view page.


  • Referral Module supports eCommerce module so the user can get rewarded for referrals.

  • Quantum Admin Theme added to Elite, eCommerce, and Subscription platforms.

  • Authorize.Net supports eCommerce payments now.

  • Content Editors (CKEDITOR) are supporting Localizations.

  • Rating Moderation has been added to Utility Modules.

  • Commenting engine is added to the Utility module.

  • Invite friends Feature has been added to the Utility.

  • Directory Platform has new feature like listing moderation, review comments, reviews management, Listing Claim, 


  • FAQ management has been added to the CMS module in addition to premade templates added to themes.


  • Introduce Blocks and Widgets Management at CMS module.


  • Ability to select a different theme, redirect URL, dashboard page per role.



There are other tons of features behind the scene to help developers and site owners to build their components even easier.

  •  An option to Customize Login and Registration templates per role.
  • Add “Admin” Permission on Module level to provide Admin privilages on specific modules.
  • New Notification events for eCommerce Module.
  • Ability to Add Setting on Model Level not only Site Level.

How can our Customers update:

It’s easy just follow our update instructions at the Laraship documentation, we highly recommend using Laralship Module Manager CLI

Module Manager Command Line

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