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st3fan asked 4 years ago

It looks like the stripe checkout is broken, not sure if this is due a new version but whenever someone wants to check out he is not able to fill in his credit card details.

in the console the following warning exists: It looks like Stripe.js was loaded more than one time. Please only load it once per page.

Not sure if this warning causes this problem.

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laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, The warning you're appended above is not related, can you check the laravel log file and see if there are any errors?
st3fan replied 4 years ago

No logs in the error because the checkout form
Is not send yet and it seems to be client side.

It looks like there are input fields because when i use the tab key it will “select” the creditcard field and my password manager then returns possible creditcard entries.

But you can not click the field with the mouse anywhere on the card number field, expire field als cvc field.

Noone can checkout normally now.

st3fan replied 4 years ago

I have added 2 screenshots to the begin post, you see no input fields, but when you click around there it starts the autofill

st3fan replied 4 years ago

it has been 5 days since your answer, that is very bad!

Can you clarify a few things for me please:

– what Stripe API version does your module use? 2019-02-19 or 2019-12-03?
– Did you find anything yet?
– I migrated to another server, and afterwards this happend, can this be related?