Product Attribute questions

Product Attribute questions

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phat.pham asked 10 months ago

  1. How could i add specific price for each product attribute ?

ex: let says i have Size attribute.
1lb bag = $ 15
2lb bag = $ 30
And when customer select on each product attribute, the price will be selected as it should be.
2. How could i assign product Attribute for Category?
Ex: I created attribute names Size (Width, Height) for product “Furniture”
Then, i need to create another attribute names Size (7, 8, 9, …) for another product “Shoes”
The problem is same attribute name for different products which should show different attribute.
Thank you.

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laraship Staff answered 10 months ago

  • If the product different prices per attribute then it should be defined as variable product, and assign the attribute that specifies the price in the variable attributes.
  • If you have the same attribute with different options then you have to define each as separate attributes, you can call them the same label.
replied 10 months ago

Got it. Thanks a lot.

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