Expanding the Foo Plugin Module into a three database structure

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalExpanding the Foo Plugin Module into a three database structure
jedjie asked 5 years ago
Hello, I need to expand the Foo Skeleton plugin to expand it into a three database structure other than the Bar database. ex. Foo <Bar <Club <Sauna Cloning and renaming those files is a tedious task but its part of the development process. But giving an example of a three database example of Foo other than Bar is enough for me. Thank you guys! :D
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Jedjie,

If you want to add a nother object inaddition to the Bar Model, then you need to clone all compoenents of Bar model to you model. then can be found easily by a text search tool.

This is a development and you need to be developer to do that

for example if you want add another model called Club, here are the placed needs to be modified inside the model:

1) Add Club configuration under config.php

2) Add ClubDataTable.php under datatables

3) Add views folder under resource/views/clubs

4) Add Translations if exists under resource/lang

5) Add Club.php under Models

6) Add ClubTranformer.php and ClubPresenter.php under Transformers

7) Add ClubPolicy.php under Policies and attach them in the AuthServiceProvider

8) Add Breadcrumbs routes and web routes under routes.php and _breadcrumbs.php

9) Add ClubsController.php under Http/Controllers and ClubRequest.php under Http/Requests.

Hopefully this helps

jedjie replied 5 years ago

Yes, It figures now. thats it. Thank you! I am a developer in Laravel that is adapting to your coding structure.
And a trying hard supporter of your product. 😀

IMHO-supporting and expanding the documentation for the Foo Skeleton a little more, equates to a less inquiries coming from users/developers, furthermore the more developers knows how to elope a plugin to Laraship the more Laraship will become stronger that equates to more support and scope, other than the ready made Plugins. Success = (Popularity + Support). Thank you. 😀