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jedjie asked 5 years ago
Hello, I do need to have a few clarifications on how to use the skeleton Foo Module you provided for us to create our own module to address our needs to add our own custom views, controllers and database to the Laraship modular approach design. I just renamed the _module.json to module.json as instructed under the Foo Skeleton module sample, in order for me to understand how will I import my own page to the structure, I did not modify any just for me to understand the whole structure of the Foo Skeleton Module sample, so I just renamed the _module.json to install and study it by default. I like the concept but it looks like it is briefly described and most of the structure is Undocumented. I am just trying to adapt my existing pages here to achieve my money worth with the purchase of Laraship Elite.     Please give clarification on this
  1. The default Foo/Bar -> page is not functioning, but looking to the root and the Bar/Show.blade.php it is there, but when clicked in the created Admin Dashboard Foo/Bar link -> it displays 404-error Page Not Found.
  2. Where is the declaration on how do I customize the icons and the Modules submenus that I will create?Can you provide the additional instructions please on how to mend using the skeleton module provided so that we will understand using how to use it on the developers side.
I already attached an image on this post.
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago


1) please make sure to clear routes cache by running the command :

php artisan route:clear 

2) Menu Items can be managed from the Menu Manager under Admin, its pretty straightforward and you can change Titles , icons easily from there

if you want to edit them from the module installer, then you can manage them from the FooMenuDatabaseSeeder, screenshot attached.