How Laraship helps you start your eCommerce website

How Laraship helps you start your eCommerce website

In this article we will demonstrate Laraship eCommerce features to help sellers and store owners to spin their eCommerce website easily.



When you build an eCommerce website, there are so many aspects you should take into consideration. especially with an open internet world full of challenges.



Building an e-commerce site can take months if not years; since it has to be robust, tested well and interact with external payments systems.

Add to that, the complexity of variations across different type of products, whether it’s tangible, virtual, digital, downloadable and content accessible, etc…


The Rise of Laraship eCommerce.

The Idea of Laraship eCommerce came right after building Laraship Subscriptions with big success, the market was thirsty to have an online store platform to support one-time payment, also this will give Laraship more powerful tool to be the first and only Platform that supports one time and recurring payments under a single package.


So how Laraship helps me start my eCommerce website?


Laraship eCommerce Website in Laravel

Start selling in 15 mins.

Laraship eCommerce platform is shipped with a complete set of modules and themes required to start your business, including

eCommerce engine, Payment System, Content Management with a Site builder, User Management with different roles and permissions. also, a unique templates which are fully responsive. and complete installation instructions are available at our documentation too.





Laraship eCommerce Website in Product Types


Various Product Types.

Are you planning to sell tangible products that require shipping like laptops or cellphones ? or maybe selling digital products like plugins or eBooks, maybe opening an affiliate store to sell Amazon or Ali express products, or selling viral products or training material that is managed under content management system. simple & variable products they are all can be managed under Laraship eCommerce.




Ready-made Responsive Themes.

Laraship eCommerce is shipped with multiple variations of  Bootstrap 4 themes to give end users the best experience. also supports different browser types and devices,  also Ajax Cart and Checkout wizard are available for all themes.





High Performance and Powerful Search Engine.

Laraship comes with Caching system to handle to different frequently used elements in the page like Menu Items, Settings where we call it Model caching, in addition to the native caching mechanisms like view, route, config cache.

Laraship Search engine is a powerful full-text search, that you can specify searchable records with their weights including relations like the brand name; which is stored at a brand, categories slug, SKU codes, or tag name.. .




Integrate with Subscription Payments.

Laraship gives sellers a unique experience, where they can build a hybrid eCommerce website of both one time and recurring payments, for examples selling an IPTV subscription with receive a one-time payment, or a Fitness subscription with Initial payment. this is one of the coolest features that makes Laraship one of a kind.



Customizable Notifications.

A Centralized location where Administrator can view and edit all notifications sent. like registration,  new order notification, with User Preference settings, and different channels like Email, SMS, Web Notifications.




Multi Payment Gateways.

Laraship Supports both Online and Offline Payment, with more than 10 payment gateways that cover over than 95% commercial payment gateways, you can check out our store for available payment gateways.




Nice Checkout and Cart Pages.

It’s well known that cart and checkout pages are most major components in an e-commerce website, as they need to be intuitive to help user proceed with the payment, Laraship e-commerce platform provides and ajax experience to both components with validations.




Ready to improve your presence on the web

Laraship eCommerce is integrated with SEO engine, Social sharing tools and ready made blog to start attracting users and visitors, specify your meta tags and keywords and start exposing your eCommerce website to the internet.




Extend & Customize

Laraship Store is loaded with extra modules to satisfy your other requirements, like form builder and advertisement manager not only this but also we understand that each business can have its own requirement so we build Laraship in a way that you can override changes and add your actions Easily.



Full Source Code Available, Built in Laravel.

You will receive a full source code when you buy Laraship, using the cutting edge Laravel framework best Framework for the year, with best code structure ever using modular concept so you can customize the store based on your needs. you can refer to our documentation for  more details.



Our Support is Our key Success.

We have proven through our successfully, quickly respond support team to step right away and help clients to solve their requests, Laraship auto update tool incredibly help in making sure any issues to be addresses immediately and pushed to our clients. also our development team is happy to customize and extend, not to mention our discussion center where you can post different types of questions.





Laraship eCommerce Website builder is no doubt a great framework to start building your online store, Whats’s Next ? check our demos here

and if you like it its available at our store   with  very reasonable price!

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