Laraship integration with Google Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Laraship Team is excited to announce the release of Google-enhanced e-commerce tracking integration with Laraship eCommerce. to be the first Laravel eCommerce platform with seamless commerce tracking.

The Enhanced Ecommerce features in Google Analytics can initially be daunting. The official documentation is extremely technical and implementation of the plugin can be a challenge. But not anymore with Laraship eCommerce, the Enhanced Ecommerce reports are hands down some of the best interfaces available in GA today.

Enhanced Ecommerce offers marketers the ability to fully customize Google Analytics around your website’s purchasing funnel. A robust installation of the plugin unlocks new dimensions and metrics which collectively offer a wealth of actionable insight into the monetary performance of your website. This includes product impressions, checkout behavioral analysis, transactions, and everything in-between.


For more details on how to configure eCommerce tracking with Laraship please follow the documentation here.


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