Laravel Advertisement Plugin for the Laraship platform is the first Laravel plugin that provided a complete solution to manage your ads and track them in one place.

Laraship Advertisement support multiple ad types like media, scripts and external links, in addition to different ad dimensions.

In addition to Advertisement Management, Laraship Ad manager captures user visitor history like device name, browser type, operating system.. etc.

Laraship Ad Manager provides an advanced feature in serving ads including weighted banners where you can attach multiple banners per zone, and banners will be served based on weighted random availability, also you can limit the number of impressions and clicks to be displayed per day. for example, if you want to stop displaying banner if it has displayed 2000 times, or stop displaying an Ad if it has 20 clicks per day. setting these rules to target the delivery of campaigns, or even ads, to specific users, will help maximize the effectiveness of campaigns.



  • Manager Advertisers, Campaigns, And Banners.
  • Manage Websites and Zones.
  • Track Impressions, Clicks.
  • View Visitor Details.
  • Easy Embed in the internal site using shortcodes or using embed code if you want to embed on external site.
  • Available for All Laraship Platforms Including Laraship Subscriptions, Laraship eCommerce or Laraship Form Builder with CMS.
  • Easy Installation.


You can see Laravel Advertisement Plugin in action when you log in to Laraship eCommerce website at :

For Installation Instruction  :



Laraship Advertisement Banner Advertiser screen

This image shows Campaign Management Screen for a specific Advertiser.


Laraship Advertisement Zone SetupLaraship Advertisement Menu ItemsLaraship Advertisement Banner View