Best Subscription Payment Gateways

The following payment gateway extensions support automatic subscription payments and are part of the official Laraship Platform. This means they are backed by Laraship support and customer service.

Stripe subscription payments:


Stripe APIs provide an excellent choice to manage all parts of your subscription billing. While the whole billing process works automatically, you will still get amazing control and flexibility. You only need to connect your customers to subscription plans and Stripe bills them based on the specified time period. In case users decide to cancel a plan midway, Stripe will do the calculation for that too.

The increasing popularity of Stripe to handle subscriptions is due to the reason that it can handle any complex calculations. It can handle usage-based plans that change every billing period or the ones where there are a base price and a usage cost. Moreover, it easily manages the calculation of additional features costs if you are offering any of your products. Stripe offers support for subscription plans for many currencies around the world.

Stripe Payment Gateway plugin for Laraship
The plugin enables you to accept payments directly on your website, without the need for any redirects. Stripe accepts payments by all major credit cards, and the plugin provides an option to restrict specific cards. And it supports subscription payments for Laraship Subscriptions.

Paypal subscription payments:


Ability to allow subscription payments is initiated by the buyer setting up what is called a billing agreement with the seller on PayPal. For Express Checkout, the billing agreement can be initiated either in upfront or when the buyer first makes a payment; in either case, it happens when you use Express Checkout API operations.

When you provide subscription payments for a buyer, you set up a subscription payments profile. The profile has information about the subscription payments, for example, details for an optional trial period and a standard payment period. Both periods contain data about the payment retention and payment amounts, including shipping and tax, if available.

After setting up a profile, PayPal automatically starts payments based on the billing start date, billing frequency, and billing amount. Payments happen until the profile expires, in case of so many failed payments to continue, or you cancel the profile.

Braintree recurring payments:


With Braintree’s subscription billing, you can charge your customers automatically in monthly increments. In order to set this up, you’ll need to create a plan in the Control Panel and store your customers in the Vault. From there, you can associate each customer’s preferred payment method with a plan to create a subscription.

Here are the three elements you’ll need to bill customers on a subscription basis:

  • Plans.
    –  Define the length of the billing cycle, billing date, and default cost.
    – Define the number of billing cycles before expiration.
    – Can be created for different services.
  •  Customers.
    – Include payment method.
    – Can include personal details (e.g. address, email).
    – Can be linked to multiple subscriptions.
  •  Subscriptions.
    – Are funded by a specific payment method.
    – Can be flexible and have different elements of the original plan.

Securionpay subscription payments:

Easy to implement, powerful to use. Subscription payments that allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments for any type of content subscription, newsletter fees, SaaS products billed periodically or subscription donations.
Minimize declines and maximize revenue.
Set up logic in your account settings to automatically retry failed payments. Keep your business on the right track and make your customers stay longer with your brand. Offer flexible, multiple plans
Create as many flexible subscription plans as you want. Offer a variety of billing cycles or pricing tiers in order to provide the best choice for your customers. Upgrade and downgrade subscriptions
Allow your customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans, and change their billing cycles with ease. Offer subscription payments with great flexibility and customer experience.

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