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Start Your Listing Website with Laraship Laravel Directory

Today, we’re going on how to start your listing website with Laraship Listing, the amazing Laravel Directory web application.


Listing websites are very common, and they can be integrated with different business fields like health, hotels, restaurants or any field you may think of.

however, if you check these sites they have more than 90% of common features because the concept is the same and component are shared among all of them.


Why Laraship Directory?

With Laraship huge experience in building directory web applications, building the same majority of components, again and again, is like reinventing the wheel, so why people can get further and start on more than 80% of the requirements, save time and efforts and make sure they are building their application with the latest technologies. using a flexible, rapidly growing and adapted framework.


Laraship Laravel Directory Features:

We will demonstrate here some of the features includes in Laraship Laravel listing platform, this is just a sample:


– Geo Listing with Multiple themes and grid structure.

Laraship Laravel listing is powering Google addresses for building an awesome map where you can locate and track listing based on locations, address auto-complete feature is enabled to provide accurate address structure and get the latitude and longitude

– Dynamic attributes for each category:

You can specify different¬†properties for each listing, for example, if you have a real estate listing you can set the #rooms, area, bathrooms, etc if you have car listing you can define attributes like transmission type, fuel type,…

what is nice too that you can define which of them should show on the search and which not.

– Ability to claim your listing.

This is really helpful to start your website and make it rich before your end users can even start joining, you can import thousands of listing from other sources and hook them in your website and when the owner see how his listing is beautifully located in your website, he can claim the listing with attaching official documents, then the admin will receive the claim and decide based on, once approved you will have the full access to your listing.

– Messaging Module for internal communication.

Laraship team has integrated the communication module and made it part of the directory setup, by using this module, users can keep all communication directly between them and the owners for that listing and make it all under the supervision of the admin.

– Advertisement management modules.

Being aware that any business behind the listing website is to grab more traffic and use it for advertisement, with Laraship Advertisement module site owner can allocate different attractive timezones and configure banners to be hosted under these zones to see how advertisement modules please check here.

-Rating and Commenting Module.

Reviews are integrated with admin managed view to give more interactivity to the site, it can be enabled or disabled, you can decide whether it requires moderation, Listing User can also reply to these


What makes Laraship Laravel Listing UNIQUE

  1. Full Source code available, where you can customize it based on your needs, using the most popular Laravel framework with the latest version.
  2. Awesome support team who can respond to your questions.
  3. Remote updates, we build an interactive platform full with freshness. with new features and themes pushed periodically.
  4. Multiple Themes and Displays, this gives you the flexibility to integrate your own design with no need to touch the business layer code.
  5. The Ability to extend with new plugins and modules without breaking your website.



Laraship Laravel Directory platform is not the only platform on the market, however no other platform would be able to compete it, its available here with 2 demos available, check them out and let us what you think.





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