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ryan asked 5 years ago

We already bought a MultiTenant License and would like some directions how we can integrate Laraship with Hyn MultiTenancy ( ). We will be hosting multiple instances of the platform under a sub-domain for each of our clients. Is this something that Laraship already supports or what modules and core components we need to integrate multi-tenancy to?

Looking forward to your reply.


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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago


We will ask our development team to look into , however the way we imagine the esiest to implement is how its mentioned in the link below

1) create master database where it has the subdomain mapping with the database nakme attached to

Table: customers

Fields: id, sub_domain, customer_database. //You can add any other fields required, like database username, password etc. I have same username and password for all the databases so I don't add it.

2) Bind your subdomain flags with this model:

// in routes.php

Route::group(['domain' => '{account}'], function() {});

// in RouteServiceProvider

public function boot(Router $router)



$router->bind('domain', function ($value) {

$domain= Customer::whereSubdomain($value)->first();

if ($domain) {

return $domain;


throw new Exception('error message');



3) Now create a ConfigServiceProvider or use CoralServiceProvider

public function register()


$customer = Request::route('domain'); // there are multiple ways of doing this


'database.mysql.database' => $customer->customer_database, //this is because I have same username and password for all the databases. If you have different username and passwords set them too.


DB::reconnect(); // this will help in reconnecting the database if the connection is already established. and import the DB facade.