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Martin asked 6 years ago


please see the attached picture of my installed Modules.

If I try to update via the webinterface I get Errors.

I think my Versions are too old.

Is there a specific order I should follow to update?



2 Answers
laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Please follow our documentation update instructions for details and flow : https://www.laraship.com/docs/laraship/update-laraship/

In general You should always start with:

1) Core Plugins

2) Module Plugins

3) Payment Plugins

4) Themes

and dont forget to run composer update if needed or if you faced 500 error

Martin answered 6 years ago


thanks - I did follow the update instructions - but the question is in what order should I install the core modueles - it seems like they depend on each other.