Undefined property: stdClass::$table_name

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stephane asked 4 years ago
While updating laraship to last larvel 7 version I got an error when running the command
php artisan corals:modules --action=update --type=core --module_name=all --force=true --skip_download=true --ignore_backup_message=true
Error: Undefined property: stdClass::$table_name After doing a fresh install
php artisan corals:install
I still got the same error when I log in and access the dashboard : Corals/core/Foundation/Helpers/helpers.php:810 : Undefined property: stdClass::$table_name
laraship Staff replied 4 years ago

Hello Stephane
Can you please send us SSH access to info@corals.io and our team will check

stephane replied 4 years ago

I can’t because this actually happened on my local setup.

asma.h.almalki replied 4 years ago

I faced same error, I fix it by change ‘table_name’ to ‘TABLE_NAME’ in helpers.php file line 804 and 810.

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laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Thanks, @asma for helping us fix the issue, its DB compatibility issue for upper case and lower case names. the fix has been pushed to the foundation plugin 5.0.2