Translations in subscrption not working proterty

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Ezio Baviera asked 4 years ago
In subscription i can\'t found a label to translate. If you see the attached screen i can\'t transalte cycle caption. Monthly can\'t be translated.  Tnx for support 
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laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, We notified our dev team to fix it in next release, meanwhile as a workaround under: Corals/modules/Subscriptions/Models/Plan.php you can override them under this function  
public function getCycleCaptionAttribute()
$caption = '';

if ($this->attributes['bill_frequency'] > 1) {
$caption = 'Every ' . $this->attributes['bill_frequency'] . ' ' . ucfirst(\Str::plural($this->attributes['bill_cycle'], $this->attributes['bill_frequency']));
} else {
switch ($this->attributes['bill_cycle']) {
case 'week':
$caption = 'Weekly';
case 'month':
$caption = 'Monthly';
case 'year':
$caption = 'Yearly';

return $caption;