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Jeremy Bruck asked 4 years ago
I have the CMS base module and the advertising package.   I have 2 different "island" (300 x 250) banners loaded up and unfortunately it is only showing 2/3rds of the banner.  When I check the code I can set a direct height on the iframe (style="height:250px") and then it shows correctly. I am using the advertising module on different URLs so the image is being called from the "embed.js" url. When I look at the embed.js file it looks to do an "inspection" of the code prior to it for injecting the height -- I have tried using a "div" with height specified directly (height="250") and style tag directly and neither works.  I have also tried wrapping the "external js embed URL" in a table and that does not work either. FYI, the screen shot is from a "stand alone" HTML page as well to ensure the CSS from the existing website was not part of the problem as well. I have attached a screen shot. Thoughts or ideas on how to make it show correctly? Thanks!
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laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, We pushed a fix to the announcement module, please update and let us know if it fixed the issue