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Jeffrey Meyus asked 4 years ago
Hi, I'm using Laraship Multi vendors package and to describe rapidly my system on my website : 
  • There are multi vendors and buyers
  • There haven't subscriptions to the vendors or the buyers, its free
  • Dont have commission for me, just the commission Stripe
  • Only one system of payment : Stripe
I dont understand how the package enable to transfer the money stripe (on my account stripe) to the account banking of vendors ? There aren't informations about the vendors on the transactions Stripe, then how i can take the parts of sales to the vendors ? Best Regards, Jeffrey. 
1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, the Transfer process should be done manually by you to the bank, if you want us to implement Stripe connect, please email us at and we will get back to you with quote