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st3fan asked 5 years ago
Hi, a few questions:  
  • Upon purchasing a monthly subscription plan, the subscription is enabled on paypal but the first payment is tomorrow and not directly?
  • There is no invoice created upon subscription, the following paypal webhooks are enabled as stated in the docs: 
    Billing subscription cancelled Payment Sale Pending Payment Sales Completed Payment Sales DENIED’
  • While checking the subscription stated, the "Ends At", "Next billing at" fields are empty...
1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Stefan,
  • for a Subscription start date, this is how Paypal subscription works and we don't do any specific for that.
  • Did you check the webhook calls and see if the calls are there? because hooks are what create the invoices.
  • Next Billing Date is for Manual subscriptions, End at is set when subscription is cancelled