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chris asked 6 years ago


We're trying to to do multiple subscriptions under the do-checkout method on SubscriptionsController.

Our code is something like this.

$plan = session()->get('plans');

foreach($plan['plan_id'] as $key => $val) {

$plan = Plan::find($val);

$plan_name[] = $plan->name;

if ($plan->exists) {

$this->subscribe($plan, $gateway, $user);



But seems to be that it is only getting one subscription. Can you please help us regarding this matter ?

BTW, on subscribe method we removed the redirection just for us to do multiple.

Thank you.

1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


This is a major change and there is a few places where you need to adjust the logic, we apologize this cannot be answered in the questio center, however if you are looking for customizations service you can reach us at