Vasyl asked 5 years ago


shippo API settings are saved but you can't use them.

As they are saved into one table and selected from another.

settings are saved into the table, and model_settings are selected from the table

Here are the changes, I had to make them to the code:

to see this:

And one more question: Shippo allows to formalize international transportations. How can we set this up? The code of declaration issue is required for this, and this code is simply not available.

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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Vasyl,

Thanks for sending the screenshots, we will check the code again and get back to you shortly.

can you explain "formalize international transportations"

wksmanager replied 5 years ago

“can you explain “formalize international transportations”” – This is the arrangement of international shipping!

In Shippo API there is
If this part of API is not used, then there will be no possibility to send parcels abroad.