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laraship Staff asked 5 years ago
1. There is no ability to select suppliers/carriers when forming Shippo: What should we do? How can we set up Shippo? How can we set up in order to be able to carry out Shippo international transportation/delivery? (You have not done it at all) 2. Where and how can we add the shipper address data for Shippo? 3. If there are several items in the shopping cart, each of the items has the following data:, but the parcel for Shippo is formed incorrectly:
4. In the file: /Corals/modules/Marketplace/Classes/Shipping.php: -- how can such code work correctly? 5. When buying 2 items with overall dimensions and weight of each: The parcel is formed incorrectly: In the payment step: -- there are errors. The test payment is not conducted: And the shopping cart is not cleared after payment. (video)
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago


1) You need to confirm Shippo config and see responses.

2) Shipping address is entered by the buyer during the checkout process

3) We're sending all shippable products to the Shippo API

4) that code means if the total weight of the shippable products is greater than the amount value in the shipping rule then skip this rule.

5) Please proivde more details with errors

6) will check with out dev team however I tried it on the demo and shopping cart is cleared